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The exterior of a home is critical when it comes to creating a first impression. Stucco homes are some of the fastest selling homes on the market. They look beautiful and can be a low maintenance exterior for homeowners when they are installed correctly.

According to National Association of Realtors,99% percent of real estate pros believe that curb appeal is a critical factor in attracting a buyer. When it comes time to sell, an unattractive exterior can quickly repel buyers, while a beautiful exterior guarantees more looks and prospective buyers.


If you are selling a home, obviously you want to make as much profit as possible. And sometimes our real estate friends are anxious to make a sale and earn a commission.We get calls all the time asking us to cover up or conceal stucco damage. That’s not who we are. At Love Your Stucco, we believe that everyone should win. You, your buyer, and your agent!

We Make Selling Your Stucco Home Easier, Faster, and More Profitable!

Instead of driving off buyers with bad stucco or having to negotiate down your price, why not make your home beautiful and worry-free! With Love Your Stucco, you can provide a stucco warranty… And have the buyer pay for it!

This is a Win, Win, Win! Here’s How We Help Sellers:
  • Get a free stucco evaluation and quote. Here we take all the ambiguity out of the stucco condition question.
  • Hire us to fix your stucco expertly, beautifully, guaranteed.
  • Get a Transferable Warranty for you buyer.
  • We give you Zero Money Down, Zero Payments, Zero Interest for a full year. *with approved credit
  • Build in your restoration investment into the selling price of your home.
  • Give your buyer a gorgeous home, confidence, and peace of mind.


When choosing to buy a stucco home, there is always the risk of hidden damage and high repair costs. This is why, as a buyer, you should get a pre-inspection on the stucco before you agree to enter into a contract. What often seems like minor cracks or damage, can turn out to be a
major failure and expense. And what sometimes seems like a good real estate deal, might not be when you add up the total cost of repairs. It is painful to find out that repairing your stucco may unexpectedly cost you thousands.

Get a Stucco Inspection

In the state of Colorado, licensing is not required to perform home inspections. Because of this, many home inspectors have little or no building science or knowledge of stucco. Most do not understand the impact of our Colorado climate on stucco systems. Their inspections are often cursory and visual only. We meet homeowners all the time that are uninformed about the real damage on their home’s stucco exterior.

Don’t settle for some stucco guy’s opinions or repair estimates. Talk with a Certified Professional and get real numbers.

Watch out for “fake” repairs. Some people are happy to pass on a problem to unwary buyers. We’ve seen all kinds of cheap patches or painting that fails within a year or two. We can help you identify and know exactly what the real problems are and how to fix them.

Don’t let emotions take over. You may love everything about the home except for the stucco. Insist on a professional inspection and restoration quote.

Negotiate with the seller on the cost of the inspection. Love Your Stucco Inspections range from $299-$499




Patching and painting is often prescribed as a repair option for stucco damage. What your contractor or painter may not tell you is that while it can cover up damage temporarily it is not a long term solution for stucco damage in Colorado’s Climate. Let’s talk about...

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