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Stucco houses are unique and beautiful to see in any neighborhood. They are the type of home that makes any owner proud. Unfortunately, many contractors do not know how to properly build or repair stucco homes and those proud homeowners may soon find themselves facing major structural damage and thousands of dollars in repairs.

Much of this damage comes from improperly patched or painted stucco. Unlike in some other home building materials, cracks in stucco should not be quickly filled in or painted over. Rather than covering a small cosmetic flaw, you or a misguided contractor might be covering dangerous water damage that can threaten the structure of your home. This is why it’s best to hire an experienced stucco contractor to perform inspections and repairs of your beautiful stucco.

Why Cracks Form

Like all homes, stucco houses will see wear and tear from the elements over time. This is especially true in more temperamental climates. Stucco was originally intended for hot, dry climates, but their popularity has stucco homes in wetter, colder climates now, too. Both moisture and cold can wreak havoc on stucco if the wrong kind was used on a home. Cycles of warm and cold weather cause the stucco to expand and contract, which creates cracks over time. Then these cracks are further exacerbated when water and ice get in.

Once your stucco has cracks and fissures, moisture has an easy path straight into the walls of your home; with it comes mold and rotting. This is why it is so important to not simply patch or paint over stucco. Cracks can be an important indication of underlying water damage that needs to be looked at before repairs can be made, not just covered up.

Why Patching and Painting Are Counterintuitive

Many contractors or homeowners reach for the caulk or paint when they see cracks in stucco walls, but doing so is ignoring the original problem and creating a larger one. Homeowners may not realize there are different kinds of stucco and the type on their house may not be ideal for the local weather. If this is the case, no amount of patching or painting will prevent future cracks, and it may be best to replace problem areas with a more appropriate kind of stucco installed by the experts.

Painting seems like an easy way to touch up fine cracks and discoloration, but it’s only a temporary cover-up. If there is existing water damage already in the stucco, the paint will only peel and crack again. If the root of the problem is not fixed first, painting will only be a waste of time.

Furthermore, patching or painting might compound the issue of water getting into your the walls. It seems logical to fill in cracks so that moisture can’t get in, but what you might actually be doing is sealing existing moisture in! If you already have moisture inside the walls of your home, the last thing you want to do is seal it inside and forget about it. This allows the moisture to seep into the wood frame and other porous materials of your home’s structure and cause rotting.

Once you the rotting begins, the integrity and safety of your home are in jeopardy. You become at risk of unhealthy molds entering your living space and even structural failure and collapse. What started as a small repair for an experienced professional suddenly becomes a costly, time-consuming renovation.

Why Risk It?

Stucco issues are not as straightforward as they appear to be on the surface. Don’t put your beautiful home at risk with inexpert repairs and fixes. Always hire professionals like the experts at Love Your Stucco to help you with your stucco needs. With space-age technology and extensive experience, the team at Love Your Stucco understand the unique structural qualities of stucco and how it reacts to different environments. Their products and expertise are everything you need to repair, replace, or protect the stucco on your house so you can enjoy its beauty and durability for many years to come.

Stucco not looking as good as it once did? Are you seeing possible signs of water damage? Contact Love Your Stucco today for a free consultation and learn why we are the best choice for all your stucco projects.




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